>ANMASSUNG photo © Chris Wright/Stefan Kolbe


How would you meet a man who committed the greatest taboo? As anyone else, with a handshake? Are you interested in the person, their own life? Or do you dwell on the act? Is it, the image of it, always there?

In ANMASSUNG, the two filmmakers are torn: one experiences the murder, the other the man who committed it. That man is S., now being evaluated for possible release after 15 years in prison. Once again, the psychologists look at his history and personality for clues as to whether S. could kill again. But at a certain point there is only supposition. As the chief psychologist says: “There are no final answers. In a story like this, there are always gaps. And we can only imagine what happened in these gaps.” This is a film about those gaps.

© Chris Wright/Stefan Kolbe