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The loss of childhood imagined through a kid. The film talks about the loss of the childhood, the coming of age and the entrance into the adult world. A child faces this passage through two characters who symbolically represent the world of children as an uncontaminated world that is destined to finish.


DANIELA LUCATO studied Theater and Philosophy in Padua. Also active as an actress for film and the theater, she wrote and directed the theater piece Call Me Reality in 2013 and the dance-theater production Connecting Fingers in 2015. Her films as a director include: THE BIRTHDAY (short, 2014), WHEN I DANCE (doc, 2016), and THE WHEEL (short, 2017).

Daniela Lucato (photo © Stern Salven)
Daniela Lucato (photo © Stern Salven)
photos © Daniela Lucato