This year again, for the fifth time, the German Federal Film Board (FFA) supported the Alliance for Development, an initiative of Locarno Pro, which took place from 9 - 11 August during the Locarno Film Festival. Alliance for Development promotes the cross-border co-development of film projects between Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. Seven projects from the existing bilateral development funds between Germany (FFA), Italy (MiBAC) and France (CNC) were invited. However, there were also projects from Switzerland, where there is no co-development fund, through which the creators could exchange ideas with producers and sponsors from the three most important co-production partner countries. In addition to one-on-one meetings with potential partners, the program also offered individual consultancy appointments, roundtable discussions and a wide range of networking activities with world sales agents, financiers, casting agencies and location scouts.

Projects with German participation this year were the German-Italian productions MAOZ (German co-producer: Tama Filmproduktion) and MIT GEIST UND FEUER (German co-producer: Moon Jar Film) – both of which were supported by MiBAC/FFA. In addition, the FFA/CNC-funded project MUSIC (German co-producer: Faktura Film) – the latest project by director and screenwriter Angela Schanelec – was pitched. The aim of Alliance for Development is to launch co-productions not only bilaterally but also increasingly multi­laterally in order to open up markets in third countries.

Alliance for Development pitching (© Locarno Film Festival)