Resource management, environmental and climate protection are increasingly important topics in the film industry – especially as the digitalization in film theaters is leading to a drastic rise in energy costs. The German Federal Film Board (FFA) has therefore decided to compile an extensive compendium on the subject of sustainability: the Green Cinema Handbook.

A more efficient use of electricity, heating and cooling as well as winning energy through renewable sources provide an enormous saving potential, benefitting cinema theaters and environmental protection in equal measures. The objectives of the Green Cinema Handbook include, among others, encouraging an exchange of experiences and lessons learned amongst cinema operators in the areas of energy efficiency, eco-power, concessions and waste management. Tried and tested solutions and concepts for sustainable cinema management will be pre­sented in the form of best practice cases.

The vast range of possibilities reaches from minor proposals with very little cost to elaborate investments that can be supported through various funding initiatives. The 172-paged reference guide was presented at this year’s cinematic art market, the Filmkunstmesse, in September in Leipzig. The Green Cinema Handbook is available online at and www.grü

FFA-CEO Peter Dinges, author Birgit Heidsiek (© GFS)