From 4-7 July the German Films Previews took place for the second time in the city of Nuremberg. Over the course of three days 75 distributors and buyers from more than 30 countries had the opportunity to screen 15 new German films in the theater and experience seven productions as part of the VR sidebar. Additionally, 47 titles were provided through an extensive screener library.

The event proved to be the perfect setting for extensive and effective networking. The arthouse comedy THE BRA as well as the dramas GYPSY QUEEN, THIS CRAZY HEART, BLAME GAME and A DYSFUNCTIONAL CAT generated a lot of interest.

Mariette Rissenbeek, managing director of German Films: “The buyers at the German Films Previews 2018 were impressed by the variety of films we were able to present this year. We expect the comedy, drama, thriller and genre films as well as VR projects to travel to international audiences – in the cinemas as well as at international film festivals.”

German Films Previews 2018 (© Ralf Bürger)