In four categories, the most successful producers, distributors, cinemas and short film makers of the past cinema year were awarded the FFA Industry Tiger 2019 award. In the production sector, a total of 11.2 million euros in reference funds were awarded to the 75 most popular projects of the year. Munich-based Constantin Film is once again the industry leader in this category, among others for its audience hits THIS CRAZY HEART and HOW ABOUT ADOLF?.

In the distribution sector, the Industry Tiger went to Warner Bros. Pictures Germany in Hamburg with a grant of 675,000 euros for such successful hits as 100 THINGS and ALL ABOUT ME. A total of 2.9 million euros in reference funding was made available in this category for the 70 most successful films of the past year.

A special prize for the Reference Film of the Year 2018 went to the family entertainment darling THE LITTLE WITCH, whose box-office result was higher than the production costs. The Hamburg Abaton Cinema is the industry leader in the cinema category for the most visitors for German and European films. The industry leader in the short film category is Lukas Marxt for the national and international festival success of his films IMPERIAL VALLEY and FISHING IS NOT DONE ON TUESDAYS.

The amount of FFA reference funding is calculated on the basis of a points system which is based on admissions success in the cinema as well as film awards and festival distinctions. The funds can be used within three years without the involvement of a funding committee.

FFA Industry Tigers 2019 (© Stefan Krempl)