Simone Baumann © Kurt Krieger
Simone Baumann © Kurt Krieger

Dear Readers,

The pandemic has changed the film industry to a great extent, bringing it close to a standstill at times in 2020.

Despite the challenges we and the industry are facing, we are optimistic about 2021. This is because we love cinema and good films and series – and particularly in these difficult times, they are also something that is needed by audiences around the world.

Time and again in recent years, German feature films and series have succeeded in captivating viewers abroad, and we are confident that this will be the case in 2021 as well. In particular, the new wave of German documentaries is establishing itself increasingly as a favourite with international audiences.

We are just as proud of the German Films campaign FACE TO FACE, which has been in existence for six years now, and delighted that we will be able to continue it with a great new pool of talent in 2021 – despite the difficult current conditions. Films and series are created through the work of a large team, which is why we have decided to highlight a greater diversity of film professions in 2021 and are proudly presenting the premiere of our new faces in this issue of GFQ.

German Films Quarterly will broaden its format in 2021: We will also open our publication to contributions dealing with internationally controversial topics in the film industry. In this context, the topic of diversity in German film and the German film industry will be our first focal point.

At the end of 2020, the Diversity Initiative at German Films was launched. The industry will now be questioned on the topic, and various aspects and approaches to solutions will be discussed. Over a period covering the next four issues of German Films Quarterly in 2021-2022, these conversations and their outcomes will be presented. In parallel, we are planning various thematic events in cooperation with international festivals, and to complement the initiative, there will be a survey on the most successful German films abroad from the perspective of diversity.

We are convinced that the issue needs to be tackled head-on, and our aim with this initiative is to play our part in developing a more positive, promising approach for and within the sector.

I hope that I will also be able to meet many of our international cooperation partners in person again soon – at one festival or another, or at various meetings of the industry.

Yours, Simone Baumann
Managing Director