The fairy world of Bayala is a country of magic, where various fairy tribes live in an abundant flora. Huge blossoms and enchanting plants are used for housing and food. The fairies have been living in harmony with nature – until the greedy Shadow Fairy Queen Ophira started pushing for power over all living things…

Inside the Flower Palace there is intense activity in preparation for the coronation of the new queen of the Sun Fairies. The princesses Surah and Sera are delighted to see royals of other fairy tribes arrive, but they all bring bad news: the magical plants are dying. The dark power of the Shadow Fairy Queen Ophira is rising. Bayala is in danger. Fairy princess Surah is worried. She knows Ophira best as she had been forced to live in her dark castle for several years. Only with the help of Ophira’s niece Nuray and her best friend Jaro could she escape and return home.

When a dragon egg is found, hope stirs. If the magic dragons return, Bayala can be saved. But for a dragon feast at Solstice Rock, where the bond of fairies and dragons can be renewed, royals of all fairy tribes, including the Shadow Fairies, are needed. Princess Surah and her companions have to go on an adventurous journey, which not only leads them into the distant dragon mountains, but also to the dangerous Shadow Queen Ophira. In the end Surah and her friends save the day and the whole of Bayala!


AINA JÄRVINE began her career in animation at A Film Estonia in 2001 and directed numerous animated commercials, several animated shorts and the TV-series FROG AND FRIENDS. Her main projects since then have been directing four seasons of the popular German animated TV series BIBI UND TINA and BIBI BLOCKSBERG, as well as being animation supervisor on the feature film HOCUS POCUS ALI E ATKINS, co-directing the short film THE GREAT PAINTER, and co-writing the feature RUBY AND RAGGIE.

FREDERICO MILELLA works as a freelance illustrator and independent filmmaker. He joined the team of Fabrique d’Images where he directed PERCY’S TIGER TALES, ZIGGY AND THE ZOO TRAM and took part in more than a dozen other 2D and 3D TV series. BAYALA is his first film as a co-director while he develops and writes new exciting projects.

photos © Ulysses Films/Fabrique d’Images
  • Genre
    3D Animation, Adventure, Family Entertainment
    Aina Järvine, Federico Milella
    Vanessa Walder
    Aina Järvine
    Emely Christians
    Christine Parisse, Jean-Marie Musique
    Ulysses Films, in co-production with Studio Rakete, Fabrique d’Images
    85 min
    Global Screen