2018 is the anniversary year of student revolution! 50 years after 1968, ABHISHEK AND THE MARRIAGE tells the story of the rebel and freeman Abhishek Shadruvedi, who represents the young generation of India against the traditional marriage plans of his family and for a self-determined lifestyle. The Indian society is collectivistic. People try to ensure the welfare of their group. The individual is only part of this community, his identity is based on a place within it. Abhishek achieves this emotionalizing balancing act between medieval roles and postmodern demands, whereby the film also captures a reflective inner perspective. Stories of Indian forced marriage and “arranged marriages” have been told so far from a female point of view. The fact that men also bend under the pressure of their families is only gradually becoming public.

The example of the protagonist Abhishek is a radical refusal of this tradition. He wants to live forcibly and self-determinedly – for India a still rare lifestyle.


KORDULA HILDEBRANDT is an author, director, producer and PR manager. Her films as a director are the documentaries SPIRIT BERLIN (2014), TANGO PASIÓN (2015), and ABHISHEK AND THE MARRIAGE (2018).

Kordula Hildebrandt (photo copyright Marco Nieschka)
Kordula Hildebrandt (photo © Marco Nieschka)
photos © Kordula Hildebrandt/HILDEBRANDT Film